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gauze pad
2014-08-31gauze pad

Pure cotton; Degreased and bleached gauze, With or without X-ray detectable thread; With or without cotton loop; Common density (per sq. Inch):26 *18, 30 *20; Main Size: 12"-8P.12"-4P,18"-4P Packing:PE bag, carton

gauze sponge
2014-08-31gauze sponge

5cm*5cm-8P 5cm*5cm-12P 5cm*5cm-16P 7.5cm*7.5cm-8P 7.5cm*7.5cm-12P 7.5cm*7.5cm-16P 10cm*10cm-8P 10cm*10cm-12P 10cm*10cm-16P

cutting gauze(folded)
2014-08-31cutting gauze(folded)

Yarn:40s Mesh:26*18,30*20,25*20,28*24 Size:60*40cm,60*90cm,... Packing:8pieces/bundle

Gauze big roll
2014-08-31Gauze big roll

Yarn:40s,32s,21s Mesh:19*15,26*18,30*20           13thread,17thread,20thread Width:90cm,120cm Length:1000m,2000m,3000m Packing:white paper+blue kraft paper+PP bag+PEbag

Gauze sponge
2014-08-31Gauze sponge

Yarn:40s Mesh:26*18,30*20,24*20,28*24 Size:2"*2"-8P,12P,16P         3"*3"-8P,12P,16P         4"*4"-8P,12P,16P Packing:100pieces/bag               100 or 50 bags/carton

Cutting gauze
2014-08-31Cutting gauze

Yarn:40s Mesh:26*18,30*20,25*20,28*24 Size:35*30cm,60*40cm,60*90cm,40*40cm,... Packing:100pieces/PP bag

Gauze zigzag
2014-08-31Gauze zigzag

Yarn:40s Mesh:19*15,26*18,30*20,24*20,28*24 Width:90cm Length:100yard,100m Packing:white paper+5 in pp bag+4pp bag in PEbag

4plies gauze roll
2014-08-314plies gauze roll

Yarn:40s Mesh:19*15,20*10,26*18... Width:23cm, Length:100yard,100m Packing:white paper+blue kraft paper+pp bag+carton,20rolls/carton

gauze bandage
2014-08-31gauze bandage

Mesh:19*15,26*18,30*20 Length:100m,100yards Ply:2,4  

Cutting Absorbent Gauze (unfolded)
2014-08-31Cutting Absorbent Gauze (unfolded)

Pure cotton Degreased and bleached gauze Common density (per sq. Inch): 26 *18, 30 *20 Common size: (25cm,30cm,45cm)*(25cm,30cm,45cm)

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